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Plugin constants
These constants can be defined in your wp-config.php or in the theme functions.php file.
* Block all external connections (to the auto udpate server)
* It does the same as WP_HTTP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL
define('ASP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL', true);
* When defined, the plugin tries to fix the image sources on the search results
* page on WP multisite environments.
* WARNING: Make sure to test the results page layout after enabling, this feature
* can be buggy.
define('ASP_MULTISITE_IMAGE_FIX', true);
* Bypasses the index table keyword counter. On some huge databases counting the
* keywords can be actually a very demanding task due to the inefficiency
* of the SELECT COUNT(*) query. Defining this constant will set the counter
* to 9999 statically.
define('ASP_INDEX_BYPASS_COUNT', true);