Javascript Hooks

To register javascript hooks, use the WPD.Hooks javascript object methods addFilter and removeFilter

 * Adds a callback function to a specific programmatically triggered tag (hook)
 * @param tag - the hook name
 * @param callback - the callback function variable name
 * @param priority - (optional) default=10
 * @param scope - (optional) function scope. When a function is executed within an object scope, the object variable should be passed.
WPD.Hooks.addFilter = function( tag, callback, priority, scope )

 * Removes a callback function from a hook
 * @param tag - the hook name
 * @param callback - the callback function variable
WPD.Hooks.removeFilter= function( tag, callback )


// Add regular function
let func1 = funtion(arg1, arg2) {
    return 'my value';
WPD.Hooks.addFilter('hook_name', func1);

// Add an object method, with reference to "this" inside the method
let myObject = {
    'myValue': 'my value',
    'myFunction': function(arg1, arg2) {
       return this.myValue;
WPD.Hooks.addFilter('hook_name', myObject.myFunction, 10, myObject);

// Anonymous function
WPD.Hooks.addFilter('hook_name', function(arg1, arg2){
	return 'my value';

// To remove all hooks

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